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What do consultants do?

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What Do Consultants Do?

Safety & Security in the

Emergency Management,
Emergency Planning,
Safety & Security

Defining Service
Analyzing Customer "Service"

Job Descriptions: Dead Wood
or Living Tools?

The Learning Organization

Demystifying Training Design
Designing effective training
objectives, a guideline to
employee training

New Employee Orientation

Understanding Employee
Drives and Motivations

Beyond Training: Training
and Development

How can I motivate my Employees?

Cross Training as a Motivational and Problem-Solving Technique

New Managers and
Supervisors Expected to
Create a Motivated Team

Communications in the
Workplace, Moshe Barnea

Seeing Things from the Customer's Perspective

Networking on the Net
Ethics,Courtesy & Professionalism  

Your Electronic Signature
As A Marketing Tool

Marketing Your Business
on the Web

Energize Your Team

Achieving Goals Through
Training and Development

Think Strawberries
Famous speech of the late
Mr. James Lavenson, a lesson
in creative management,
employee motivation and sales!

"If" by Rudyard Kipling,
wise words of advice

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Chic Hospitality Consulting Services
offering solutions to people management,
customer service, employee motivation and training


Who We Are

Welcome to  We are practical, down-to-earth consultants who go straight to the
heart of the problem and solve it.  This describes, in a few words, what you can expect from us.  

Whether you have a problem to solve, or want to revise policies and procedures, create new material and tools, a better work environment, or specific training program,
contact us so that we may begin working together to achieve your goal.  

We hope you will find practical value in the articles on this site, which contain useful guidelines on several aspects of people management, training, and customer service.  
For more targeted training, or one-on-one coaching
contact us.

We specialize in hospitality operations, human resources, training design and delivery, employee motivation, and customer service. Our "hands on" consulting is based on successful experience.

Managers and business owners are in constant search for solutions to performance problems.

Photo of Claire Belilos

Profile of
Claire Belilos

Customer Service Viewpoints Forum

When dealing with the human element (customers and employees), especially in today's insecure environment, with a shifting economy, creative solutions are required.  This is what you get from us.

We know how to "read the pulse" and go straight to the heart of issues.  No dillydallying or beating around the bush. We spell it straight out, presenting the right solutions.  We do it the right way or not at all and take pride in our integrity.

Working together with you, we will clarify corporate values and help you achieve objectives.   While working on a project, we share experience and know-how with your people, guiding them towards self-sufficiency.  Our work style usually creates excitement and a team spirit, leading to a high degree of employee motivation. Because of our "integrative" approach your people learn how to think in terms of the organization rather than only in terms of their limited scope of work.

Your business becomes "our" business, and your success, our success!

Our mission is to help you achieve, and even exceed, business goals and marketing objectives through strategic planning, effective people management, training and development.  We help bridge the gaps between: 

  • Employer and employee                    
  • Employee and employee
  • The company and its customers
  • What is and what should be.

Our background and specialization is in the field of hospitality. The web has broadened our vision and market covering different types of industries and organizations.  The principles of human resources management, training and development, and customer service apply across the board.  We simplify the many complex problems faced by managers.  This is why we chose Easytraining as our identity.  A word or two about the hospitality industry:

The hospitality industry is a service industry.  It consists of a wide variety of businesses and organizations, including health care, shopping malls, retail operations, ships and cruise lines, other type of transportation services, food and beverage services including restaurant operations, convention centers, golf clubs and sports facilities, entertainment complexes, and accommodation including hotels and resorts.  Our own background in the hotel industry includes several award-winning years with Hilton International Hotels, involving three hotel openings, covering most divisions and departments.
If you are a manager or individual who needs fast solutions related to people management, training, employee motivation, customer service, and career guidance, go to our
Quick Assistance page where you can request a quick phone consultation service.  

     What We Do

Make an objective assessment of your organizational and training needs

arrow Help you reformulate your corporate vision and mission statement for improved internal communication, as guideline to supervisors and employees.  These also direct marketing efforts.    

arrow Teach you how to win employee loyalty, motivation and input through effective human resources and training strategies.

arrow Help you attain performance excellence through organizational development, improved internal communication, and customer service training.

arrow Equip your business with custom-designed policies, human resources strategies, job descriptions, training and evaluation tools.

arrow Coach and guide Supervisors in problem-solving, effective people management, employee motivation and overall supervisory performance.

arrow Review and upgrade existing management strategies and tools (see employee handbooks and job descriptions below)

arrow Help you create a dynamic learning environment.

arrow Develop and facilitate customized training programs, seminars, workshops and employee communication sessions.

arrow Develop and train Trainers in a group setting or through one-on-one coaching sessions.

arrow Provide effective Customer Service Training.  In a "Customer Service Workshop" setting, lead participants to focus on Customer needs and expectations, adopt an integrative approach and help achieve marketing and business objectives.

arrow Deliver online workshops, seminars, consulting, and coaching.

arrow Write dynamic employee handbooks (to be used by them as a key reference tool, and by supervisors as a training guideline); develop or revise existing training and operational manuals;  and re-write your job descriptions in a manner which will realistically indicate to employees what and how they are expected to perform, and on the basis of which their performance will be evaluated.    

arrow Provide professional assistance in any area which can serve your company, including event organization, executive search, locating needed outer resources, internet research and marketing.

arrow Work in partnership with other consultants whose values, quality, and mode of operation are in harmony with ours.      

We will be happy to help you overcome challenges, solve problems creatively, and win over loyal customers and a motivated workforce.  We like to share our expertise with clients and always steer people towards creative and progressive thinking.  

A few questions for you to ask yourself:

(a) How effective are your
Job Descriptions - does anyone use them?
(b) How effective is your Employee Handbook - anyone refer to it?
(c) How do you measure employee performance?
(d) Do you realize that Job Descriptions affect employee motivation and performance?

Every detail affects employee motivation and team performance.  Inadequate training and lack of knowledge-sharing lead to conflict.  Problems do not wait. They have a snowball effect and cause greater damage if not nipped in the bud. We are here to help you act now, stop negative trends, correct shortcomings, and help you become a choice employer.

If you wish to take your company forward please feel free to
contact us,  providing full details. Kindly note that our fees are project-based.  

NOTE:  In conformity with the CAN-SPAM law, we can and will respond only to communications containing your full name and full street address (no post office boxes!), correct and complete telephone number, and other details required on the contact form.  When writing to us you must provide your genuine e-mail address for authentication purpose (not a generic address such as @yahoo or @hotmail).  Even when applying on an individual basis, please provide the name of your workplace, its address and telephone number for authentication purposes.  Even if you wish to receive mail at a generic e-mail address (e.g.@hotmail), you must provide your real e-mail and write in the comments section your preferred e-mail address.  Thank you.
We wish to thank human resources, business, government and university sites for recommending our articles and web site.  Among these are:

The HR Web Guide page of the University of Vermont Lists us as follows:

    "  Chic Hospitality Consulting Services

    "  The CHIC Hospitality Group web site provides an outline for a successful new employee orientation process. It is an article written by a human resources consultant. The article provides a human resource manager with hints as to how to treat a new employee during this period. It also provides helpful hints surrounding the entire human resource/personnel department. "

The Academic Development Consultant of Rhodes University in South Africa writes:

    "   My colleagues to whom I mailed the URL to your article Demystifying Training Design:  Writing Effective Training Objectives" have both expressed appreciation for the clarity of your 'unpacking' of the outcomes writing process - a delightful contrast to the bureaucratic wordiness with which we have had to contend in most of our officially supplied guidelines! I showed your material to my wife - a professor of ICT in Education, but formerly an IT trainer from the commercial world - and she too was impressed by the neat way in which you put the concepts across.

    Many thanks and best wishes for your work in the future

    Kevin Williams, Academic Development Consultant,
    Rhodes University,  "  


If you need to set up an effective Customer Service Training environment in your organization, please contact Claire through our contact form at

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Languages:  English, French and conversational knowledge of some others


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